Electric Heat Bag

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Features of the Electronic Heating Pack:

1) Double-se Double-security: a double temperature controller is incorporated to realize double-security so that users can rest assured during using. When temperature reaches about 60°C, the pack will automatically switch off.

In case of either a temperature controller broken, the other expansion controller will begin to operate. When the temperature is up to 90oc, the expansion controller will start to expand and break both electrodes so as to shut off the power supply. As the external material is double-layer and high elasticity imported PVC, it can not only guarantee enough space for expansion during charging, but also will prolong the period for heat preservation (the vacuum flasks' double-layer heat preservation principle has been adopted) .

2) The charging time needed is short. Only five to eight minutes are sufficient for once charging.

3) Prolonged using time. One charge can support hand warming for 3 hours and keep warming for 12 hours.

4) The product has been enveloped firmly along the circumference so that it can maintain its appearance intact and will not be worn or broken even after being used for a long time.

5) The product is equipped with a woolen wrap. During charging, as the heating bag is on its woolen wrap, this can guarantee its safety. This can provide comfortable usage and also afford a longer period of heat preservation.

6) An indicator lamp can guarantee safety. While charging, the indicator light will turn on. After charging is finished, the indicator light will turn off and then the product is available for usage

7) This product has been authenticated as qualified products through an inspection by the National Product Quality Inspection Center.

8) This product is covered by property insurance of China.

9) Charge the pad for 8 minutes, the temperature heats up to 50 - 70oc and lasts 2 hours.

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