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The ingredients of the “The origin natural and pure soap are:

Baked coconut oil

virgin coconut oil and processed coconut milk. Mixing these two, the soap turns to be the most invaluable skin medicine of our Coconut land (Kerala). This soap provides vigorous and vital energy to our skin and Coolness to our body.Turmeric

Enriched by Turmerol and Cur cumin ensures smoothness and brightness to the skin .It also removes the ugly moles and marks. It is a natural disinfectant.Neem and Thulasi

(Holy Basil). These herbs with natural holiness and purity have high medicinal values.Coconut cake

Instead of rock dust (Calicium carbonate) it is a best cleansing agent. Coconut cake, green gram powder is also used in this soap.

The unique mixture of sweet rush and kachcholam give pleasant ayurvedic fragrance.

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