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Infra morning walker massager

1. Special swing motions relaxes and stimulates human body

2. Vibration board to do foot massage in helping increase of human immunity"

3. Infrared heating included 4. Remote controller

5. Time minutes for choice

6. 8 speed levels available for swinging

7. 2 speed levels available for vibration

8. Blow-resistant abs-synthetic material.

9. Voltage: 110v-120v 60hz or 220-230v 50hz


Infra morning walker:

Useful in:

 1) diabetes

2) blood pressure immune system

3) obesity

4) induces better blood circulation

5) strengthens the6) weight loss


Unctions of infra chi morning walker machine

1: temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, painsand tension caused by fatigue or overexertion

2: temporarily increases local blood circulation

3: relaxes muscles locally

4: induces the alpha wave of relaxation in our brain

5: provides a unique feeling, the chi rush

6: energizes energy flow

7: helps from headaches and migraines


Kindly contact us for more details of our health products like portable steam bath, foot massager & infra chi morning walker.

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