Magic Massager-Body Massager

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Magic massager is a massager tool with basic science somatology (body anatomical sciences) that serve to massage all parts of the body such as the head, shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet with 7 different massage eye is used according to its function.


1. Relieve fatigue and make the muscles relax. 
2. Blood circulation 
3. Increase metabolism 
4. Aligning and balancing the functions of the organs of the body. 
5. Restore the body’s energy 
6. Relaxes muscles and nerves.


1. Equipped with 7 different massage head. 
2. Anti slip grip 
3. Can be taken anywhere 
4. Equipped vibrate function
5. Easy to hold and comfortable so use it. 
6. Lightweight

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