Lucky Bamboo

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How to use Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui to get luck and prosperity

Uses for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the favorite choices for feng shui cures. It is considered lucky because it brings a wise and peaceful energy into your house. It teaches how to be hollow (open) and flexible on the inside, so that the spirit can flow freely and heal your being. Fortunately, these plants are easy to grow and require very little care.

These tough stalks can survive in vases of water, in soil and under a wide variety of light conditions. That’s why you find it in office lobbies, in retail store, on desks as well as in homes. Even a poorly kept lucky bamboo can live for a long time. Lucky bamboo is not really a bamboo but a member of the Dracena family, Dracaena sanderiana (a type of tropical house plant). In fact, this plant does not even related to bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) attracts health, prosperity and good fortune for business owners and homes. It can be use as a gifting option to anyone you wish good fortune, health and abundance. It grows towards the light, and can be easily trained into interesting, decorative shapes and need very less water and light to grow so it is the best indoor plant for your home or office.

Lucky Bamboo adds luck and beauty in your life so it is very useful plant. It invigorates your love life and brings long and peaceful life in terms of health. For people focusing on career and business, it symbolizes success and growth. In a Buddhist view, it symbolizes graciousness, honor and virtue.


Lucky Bamboo

How to Place the Lucky Bamboo for Good Feng Shui

It is very much important to place the Lucky bamboo in right direction of your home or office. The best direction to place your bamboo tree is east or southeast corner of your home as the Eastern section of the home or office represents family so place a Bamboo plant with three stalks in this area. For inviting wealth and prosperity the plant should be placed in the wealth area of your home and to activate the positive energy Southeast direction is the best.


Symbolism and Meaning

1.  Earth – you need to choose rocks for the bamboo to grow in

2.  Wood – the bamboo itself

3.  Metal – you can choose a ceramic vase that has a coin on it. You also can use a simple glass vase to represent metal.

4.  Water – the water the bamboo grows with obviously

5.  Fire – usually most pots have a red ribbon tied to them in order to represent fire element


Significance of the Number of Bamboo Stalks

According to Feng Shui the Yang (odd numbers) are considered to be most lucky and hence the number of bamboo stalks determines your luck to a large extent.

3 – Bamboo stalks bring the 3 components of life together i.e. happiness, wealth, longevity
5 – Bamboo stalks are helpful to attract wealth
6 – Bamboo stalks brings prosperity and favorable conditions
7 – Bamboo stalks brings good health
8 – Bamboo stalks brings growth and prosperity
10 – Bamboo stalks means complete and perfect

21 – Bamboo stalks offer a very powerful and all-purpose blessing


Lucky Bamboo


How to take Care of lucky bamboo

It is very much important to take good care of lucky bamboo so that it can survive for long. It is very easy to grow lucky bamboo you need container, clean water and polished stones to keep the stalks upright. Choose a pot or vase that is approximately 2 inches larger than the plant itself. It is good not to use the tap water as it contains fluoride but if you have no other choice than let it sit out overnight before using.

Change the water on regular intervals of time (once in a week or 15 days). Don't fill the container too full keep water levels at approximately an inch from the base of the canes. Never put your plant in direct sunlight as too much direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn. They will grow well under artificial lighting and normal household temperatures. If you find that leaves start to turn yellow than use filtered or distilled water and trim yellow leaves with a sharp clean scissors.