Jingluo Hair Sakthi Oil

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Suffering from Hair Loss : Check Out This Jingluo Hair Sakthi  Oil for Hair Loss and Other Natural Remedies

It’s normal for you to lose a few strands of hair every day as new hair replaces the lost ones. However, when you lose more than a few and the hair growth is slow, it can be a cause of concern. Hair loss can develop gradually or it can happen suddenly. However, with herbal treatment and certain home remedies that are natural and effective, you can regrow your hair. 


5 Reasons For Hair Loss

  • Intense stress: Daily stress due to work, home,  and life in general changes the way your hair grows. Childbirth, life-altering events, trauma, etc. plays an important role in your overall health. As a response to the event, your body focuses on recovering from the said problem and hence it temporarily stops your hair from growing. However, the amount of hair fall does not decrease so you experience hair fall but no hair growth, resulting in an overall loss.


  • Genetics: Hair loss due to hereditary reasons requires medications prescribed by a doctor. This kind of hair loss often goes unrecognised for a long time. Changing your diet or using mild products could help a bit, although reversing it is impossible. 
  • Nutritional deficiency: When we say your body needs good nutrients to stay healthy, this includes the hair. Our body prioritises the health of the important organs and their working due to which it divides the nutrients we get in such a way that the important organs get the necessary amount and only what’s left is distributed to the rest. Since the hair is not very high up on the priority list, the nutrients it receives are often not in abundance, especially if you don’t eat healthily.


  • Rough handling: Hair is fragile. Tying the hair too tightly, tugging on it, rough handling when it’s wet, aggressive combing and detangling, etc. are some of the practices that affect our hair in the long run. Hairstyles like a tight ponytail can even lead to problems like traction alopecia. It damages the hair follicle beyond repair.


  • Hormonal imbalance: There are many reasons for hormonal imbalances. During pregnancy, our estrogen levels go up which increases hair growth. However, immediately after, there is a drop in the estrogen level, causing increased hair fall. Similarly, menopause also causes changes in hair growth patterns. Apart from these, birth control pills often alter our hormone production, which affects hair growth.


The Benefits Of Jingluo Hair Sakthi Oils For Hair?


  1. This key ingredient comes with a unique quality to strengthen the roots of your hair. This herb helps impart colour to your hair, prevent split ends and curb hair fall.
  2. It strengthens your hair follicles and reduces the irritation and burning sensation of scalp which occurs due to dryness, infection etc.
  3. This herb helps prevent baldness, greying of hair and hair loss as well.
  4. It is known to pacify your problems like tension, sleeplessness etc. which are some of the reasons of hair loss.
  5. It enhances hair growth and reduces the premature greying of hair

Other benefits include:

  • They provide protection against the harmful effects of the sun, dirt, pollution, besides preventing greying of your hair.
  • They combine with the natural oils of your hair to enhance the strength, volume and lustre of your hair.
  • They act as a replenishing agent for your dry, damaged hair, by restoring their strength and reducing excessive split-ends.
  • They lubricate and condition your scalp, thus fighting dandruff, scalp irritation, dryness etc.
  • Herbal oils help you get rid of several hair-related problems like dandruff, dead skin, inflammation etc.

The Best Time To Apply Jingluo Hair Sakthi Oil?

It is advisable to apply oil on your scalp in the night so as to increase its benefits for hair growth. It is always better to warm your oil a bit as it helps in better absorption.

If you regularly massage  herbs in the form of warmed oils into your scalp and hair, it will stimulate hair growth, condition your hair, and prevent them from damage.