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-This product is tractors for cervical spine, which relax your cervical spine. 
-You can use it at anytime and anywhere since the mini shape. 
-Be fit for office worker who seat at office at the whole day and old people that has problem of cervical spine. 
-The tractors for cervical spine are pneumatic tractors. 
-It can treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine.
-It can subside the symptoms. 
-It is easy in operation and safe and efficient in the treatment .
-This product is mainly made up of air bag, lining bushing, the conduit, plastic attachment, the valve of the tractor, the inflatable ball, the nylon adherent buttons and so on. 
-According to the different material, it can be divided into latex tractors and rubber tractors .
-This one is with three layers of separated type which can be a perfect Cervical Spine Neck Tractor .
-It is suitable to treat the problem of end-nerve cervical spine. 
It is suitable to treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine Fabric covering adopts high-grade anti-allergy straight flannel material Air charged ball is high-grade Latex copper valve ball Airway is equipped with rolling ball-type air stopping valve 
Inflated size :inner ring of about : 14 * 10 * 18cm (L * W * H) 
Taboos : It is not suitable for patients to use with heart disease & cerebrovascular disease. 
It is forbidden to use for sufferers having bleeding tendency, patients with malignant tumors & patients with skin disease or skin injury.
The outer ring of about : 27 * 22 * 18cm (L * W * H) 
Air Pipe : 35 cms

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