Glass Fire Cupping Set

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Product Description
Set of 16cups - Medium Size (Lip Diameter: 2.24")
Finger Imprinted Glass Cups for Easy Gripping and Safe Use
Perfect Professional Glass Cupping Set for Easy Fire Cupping
Our professional quality 16 piece medium fire cupping jar set is made of medical grade molded glass with smooth, soft edges for the ultimate client comfort. 
Each cup has a flat top for safely resting cups after cleaning. 
Each cup is made of thick, heavy walled glass and is designed for use by traditional Chinese fire cupping techniques. 
Heat or fire from a candle, disposable lighter, or burning cotton/alcohol ball held inside the cup and then removed is customarily used to create the vacuum.
  • Glass Cupping Set. Can help improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immunity.
  • Cupping Jars. Not only for the back, but also for all parts of the body. Easy to use and clean.
  • Glass Cupping Set. Cupping with vacuum can help clear the meridians and dispel wind and dampness.
  • Cupping Jars. Though it is simple in design, its so practical when you use it.
  • Glass Cupping Set. Made of environmental protection material, no undesirable stimulation to skin and skin- friendly.

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