Cupping Massage Chair

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Our hijama chairs are well padded and fully adjustable to provide the best possible comfort. 
The optional face rest has removable cotton covers which can be replaced after every treatment for your comfort and added hygiene.
Aluminum portable massage chair is same quality & design as iron made, but it is amazingly strong for being so light.
It has a fully adjustable headrest, removable chest rest, removable armrest, and removable seat, so accommodating clients of all sizes is not a problem.
It is equipped with auto-lock leg and frame system for streamlined folding and opening of the chair in just seconds.
Its available in  black colour
size of the chair is 4 ft * 2 ft
  • LIGHT & PORTABLE STRENGTH - With a net weight of 7.8 kg, the massage chair is extremely lightweight but made with a super strong aluminium frame that can carry over 500 kg. (35.5 stone). It is completely foldable and fits compactly in the carrying bag included for easy transport and portability.
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE - A comfortable 5cm thick high-density foam cushion upholstery padding is used on the massaging chair covered in high quality CFC-free PVC so your skin is protected. It is both oil proof & waterproof too, just easily wipe massage oil residue away from the cover.
  • VERSATILE - The padded massage chair is also ideal for use in professional physical therapists, chiropractors, therapy schools, beauty and tattoo salons. It can also be used for light bodybuilding and exercising in homes, gyms, and offices.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We love the full body relief these chairs have to offer, from the neck, shoulder, down to the back muscles.

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