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Cupping precautions and contraindications: Keep indoor air fresh during cupping, avoid direct fan blowing in summer, keep warm indoors during winter, and avoid feeling cold Select the appropriate part when cupping, the muscles are full, the skin is smooth, and there is no hair. If the skin is dry, you can moisten the skin before cupping. After the tank is pulled out, it is not necessary to move the cupping part. When using the cupping therapy, the tank should be kept at a certain distance between the tanks. After the can, the local flushing and itching can not be caught, after a few hours or a few days, it can be dissipated. Satiety, fasting is not suitable for cupping Before you cup, you must first drain the toilet. The same part, it is not suitable for cupping every day Can not cup before the cupping trace has subside Women's menstrual period and other bleeding sites, can not cupping Do not take a bath immediately after cupping, especially in a cold bath. It is recommended to take a hot bath after 2 hours, pay attention to keep warm. Specifications: Material: ABS Gear: High, Middle, Low Working Voltage: 6V Charging Voltage: 5V Power: 4.2V Charging Time: approx. 2hours Color: As Pictures ShowItem Type: Massage & Relaxation Package Included: 1 x Main Device 2 x Connecting silicone head 1 x Connecting the catheter1 x USB Cable Note: Wipe with cotton immersed with disinfectant to clean the cup.


Product description

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