Kangzhu Rotary Vacuum Cupping 12 pcs

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Functions :
1. Absorb on body surface acupoints to cause acontraflusion or slight blood sludging ;
2. Facilitate smoothness of flows in channels and collaterals ;
3 .Promote blood circulation;
4 .Pull out diseases such as wind,cold,humid,hot and poison ect;
5 .Effective for relieving pain and reducing swelling.
Kangzhu Rottary Cupping 12 Set
1, the ignition need to use safe rotary piston exhaust method replaces the traditional ignition exhaust method, no burns of, safe, greatly convenient for people to use, applies to the hospital, and is suitable for the family.
2, easy to operate, Negative pressure can be adjusted Tank negative pressure can be adjusted according to the patient's pain tolerance and disease free, more simple and convenient to use and to understand while see, is quick to learn, and can grasp skilled.
3, tanks transparent For observation tanks manufactured nontoxic transparent engineering plastics, easy observation tank skin, easy to master the cupping.
4, with human body engineering design according to human body, jar adopts the broad-brimmed special design of circular arc form, relieve the pain, when the cupping, the pot has increased the intimacy when walking tank.
5, two kinds of therapy double efficacy This product use of modern high-tech means, within the tank installed components such as alloy magnet, the magnetic energy concentration, the formation of a strong magnetic field, a magnetic beam, which implements the magnetic therapy and can cure effect of the two treatments at an organic whole.
Cupping set using Directions:
*Insert the top opening of a cup to the rubber opening of the vacuum pump.
*Place the cup on the skin and pump 2 to 3 times to create vacuum.
*After pumping remove the vacuum pump from the cup.
*To remove the cup from the skin, lift the top lid to let the air in.

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