Professional Gun Massager With LCD Touch Screen

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  • MULTIFUNCTION MASSAGE GUN: AllExtreme Massage Gun is designed to relax the muscles with its advanced hammering style vibration design during discomforts, workout and exercise. This physical therapy gun improves the overall concerns related to the muscles; assisting in overall muscle toning.
  • CORDLESS & RECHARGEABLE: This cordless massager is powered by 2500 mAh lithium ion battery which can last up more than 2 hours after a full charge. The body massager also has AC-DC power adapter for seamless charging of the device once it gets discharged.
  • 20 SPEED ADJUSTMENT: It has 20 adjustable speed levels with speeds varying between 1100 -3000 rounds per minute that allows you to get the appropriate amount of pressure to put your body at most comfort at all times.
  • LED SCREEN & TOUCH BUTTONS: It is equipped with user-friendly LED screen along touch-pad buttons to let you easily switch the speed level, check battery capacity and turn on/off the power. The ergonomic designed anti-slip silicone grip minimizes external vibrations for added comfort..
  • 4 REPLACEABLE HEADS: The offered massage gun is equipped with 4 different massage heads to assist the user to relax different body parts. Standard Ball (for small muscle groups), Large Ball (for large muscle groups), Flat Head (for any parts of the body) & Fork Head (for neck, leg & spine).

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