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Keva Exotic Juice is specially formulated with super fruits & other essentials for keeping healthy lifestyle and life longevity. 

Major Features: 

  • Super anti Oxidant
  • Enhances cellular regeneration
  • Helps in body inflammation
  • Act as good rejuvenator
  • Boosts body digestive system
  • Promotes good skin & hair health
  • keeps you active a whole day 
  • full of fibrous content 

Key Ingredients : 

Camu Camu is famous for its extremely high Vitamin C content and amazing taste and is a natural energizer and mood elevator. Supports cardiovascular, immune system and nerve and brain health.

Xanthones content found in Mangosteen supports in relief of joint pain, the effects of inflammation and overall wellness. Traditionally used for arthritis, inflammation and gastrointestinal relief.

Garcinia Indica Works as a natural antacid. It has distinct acidic flavour & is used in many cuisines & healthy drinks.

Gojiberry contains anti oxidants & other compounds that may help to boost thwe immune system & prevent various ailments.  Other ingredients are known to possess properties of health rejuvenator amd known to be helpful in number of health disorders.

Keva Exotic Juice has been produced under GMP guidelines, besides it’s an HALAL & Kosher certified product. 

Major Ingredients : Mangosteen, Camu camu, Garcinia Grapes Ext, Goji Berry, Withania Somnifera

Contains approved class || preservatives ion permitted quantities

No added Sugar, Vitamin & Mineral

Nutritional Facts: (Per 100ml) Approx

Calories (Energy) 43 k. Cal

Dietary Fiber 3.00 gm

Protein : 0.500 gm

Vitamin A : 22.21 IU

Vitamin C : 26.21 IU

Iron : 1.00 mg



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