Jingluo Skin Security Oil (10ml)

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It’s important to do what you can to keep them away, not only because the bites are itchy and annoying, but also because they can sometimes carry serious diseases, like West Nile, Zika, or malaria.  

A mosquito repellent doesn't actually kill mosquitoes. Repellents work by making people less attractive to mosquitoes, so they're less likely to bite you.

When deciding what type of mosquito repellent to use, you should consider:

  • How long you will be outside

  • How many mosquitoes are in your area

  • Risk of mosquito-transmitted diseases where you live

  • What you are putting on your skin


Long-lasting effectiveness with natural ingredients against mosquitoes' bites that might cause dengue, chikungunya or malaria. 
No side effects. 
Pleasant fragrance. 
Doesn't require skin application. 
Safe for kids. 
How to use
Can be applied directly on skin or clothes, bed sheets and mattresses.



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