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Portable Steam Sauna

Features of Sauna Steam Bath

  The Sauna Steam bath is light and portable and so, you can save a lot of space in your home. The design of the product enables you to set up this innovative new product within a matter of minutes. The stiff, self-supporting structure folds down and  into place for storage purposes.

  The Sauna Steam Bath package includes a water-resistant chair and comes with the most reliable steam pot in the market.

The manual controls in the device include Heating Level switch and the Turbo Switch. While the former controls the amount of heat, the latter is in charge of the steam output.

The steamer is equipped with auto shut-off features to avoid overheating.

 The Sauna Steam Bath gives you the best steam bath with every health and beauty advantage right in the comfort of your home.

It  provides you with a wide variety of options and so, you can choose the settings of the product as per your discretion.

The Sauna Steam  bath is ideal for gaining an improved immune system, burning calories, increasing metabolism and relieving joint pain and skin  moisturization.

Your sleep pattern is regulated to normal with the help of the device and your body gains the ability to decompose excess fat and reduce weight.

The head cover is included in the pack to protect your face from heat


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