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Electrical Pulse Electronic Acupuncture Stimulator With Six Channel


Quick Detail:

·6 channels

·Low-Frequency Electrical Pulse

·Frequency adjustable

·Approved by FDA(510K).

·CE0434 listed



Needle Stimulator is combined with modern micro computer high-new technique, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and meridian theory,based on the traditional electronic acupuncture treatment instrument. The product is used for applying low frequency pulse to stimulate the acupoints of human body.

CMNS6-1 can be applied in the clinical electrical impulse acupuncture.

CMNS6-1 Needle stimulator contains four parts: main device, self-adhesive electrode, acupuncture clips and output wires.

CMNS6-1 Needle stimulator is a kind of low frequency electronic pulse therapy instrument. Internal power supply, BF type, portable, general equipment, non-AP/APG and continuous operation work system.


Technical Parameters

Output Pulse Wave: Un-symmetry bi-direction triangular pulse wave

Pulse Frequency: adjustable in 1-100Hz

Output Pulse Width: 0.175ms

Output Peak Voltage Value: 70±10V(Load 500Ω)

Output Pulse Channel: 6 channels

AC-DC Converter(input AC220V,50Hz/AC110V,60Hz,output DC9V)



Output Wire:

 6 pcs

Self-adhesive Electrode

12 pcs (size 50×50mm)

Exclusive Clips:

12 pcs(Length≤28mm)


1 pc


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