When You Are Expecting- What Is Your Expectation

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This book is a humble attempt to popularize, familiarize and educate all the patients, public and medical facility and doctors, at large, and with its various complications in a simple manner as possible and lay down simple guidelines for treatment of pregnancy. The purpose of this book will be well served if they undertake the routine management of the patients routinely without hesitation and quiet efficiently as well. This book is dedicated to all those who would like to know the pregnancy well. In the past, medical profession has struggled against different acute diseases in pregnancy, such as infections. Today the picture has been changed as more and more health problems are developed to the long-term consequences of chronic diseases in pregnancy complications. Complications in pregnancy like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipedimia, coronary heart disease and stroke etc. This itself is a different situation for both the patient and the health care providers. The situation gets even more difficult because a good result in pregnancy is actually where nothing happens, there is no sign of disease because there would be no long term complications. N the pre-pregnancy era, lots of complications are seen there are even many of its varied clinical picture involvements like ultrasound and urine examinations. Blood counts too, also multisystem involvement, complex and varied clinical presentations, i have tried to simplify this book by avoiding details of etiopathogenesis, abnormalities and varies clinical presentations, pathways and complicated graphs. Some tips are incorporated on the basis of my experience in treating patients in large numbers in the last ten years. Ifs a unique confidence; i have incorporated several chapters in this book; however it does not restrict the reader to the classical reading scheme as the one does not necessarily have to begin. On the first page and run through to the end. Each chapter of the book is complete in itself; through its stage therefore it is possible to pick out a single chapter without loosing track.

This book is a small contribution towards this step. The profits from the sale of this book will go to the dream trust which is one of its objectives of providing free treatment to the needy and economically backward children and old aged people of our country and the state of goa.

Prof. Dr. M.g. biradar mapusa, goa-india.

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